Adult Dogs


Blue and tan male. Carries chocolate. Can produce a wide range of colors including lilacs and lilac and tan. He was born in 2017 and just siring his first litters.  Check back for updates on his upcoming puppies.

AKC Registered


Fawn merle that carries blue. Born in 2018. Her first litter is here with a variety of pups.

AKC Registered


This is chocolate covered sherries from Castlehill Kennels. She is an Apri Champion and such a sweet girl. Sherry is a chocolate brindle frenchie. Shown here with her puppies.

Cash Money

Cash is a chocolate and tan male frenchie that is covered in cream. He will give a copy of chocolate, AT and cream to each of his puppies. He does not carry blue. He is an up and coming male that will be producing his first litters for us in the next few months. We are super excited about him.

JETT – Blue and Tan male that carries Chocolate